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Imagine that your biology exam is coming tomorrow and you still have a few chapters to read. What if instead of reading the 1000-page textbook, just study a few cheatsheets?
Now you can, we have put together a Biology Master Cheatsheet, super condense the entire biology course into 6-page rapid study sheets.

Biology Master Cheatsheet
This master cheatsheet is yours if you order the Biology Survival Kit today. It is a most portable and condensed cheatsheet in biology!

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You will have the complete biology mastery system with step by step instructions and fill-in-the-blank templates, to guide you to the success. This is not the time to sit there and wonder whether you should grab this and get started now. You will have a simple system to follow and the coach to guide you through. It's the easiest way to survive and excel your biology. I am ready to help you. Are you in?

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"A Must-Have Tool for Every Biology Student"
The Survival Guide is much more than a tool to help you study - though it does that wonderfully, too! Chocked full of hints, tips, and most importantly processes, the CSG teaches you the study and organizational skills you need to fly through any science course.

Included are a detailed index so you can find any topic you want at a glance, easy to follow step-by-step instructions on topics like how to take and organize notes, memory aids that make biology a snap, a tutorial to answering test questions, and even insight into your professor's mind--they don't want you to fail, really!

What's truly great about the book, besides being written by a scientist, is that the skills the reader learns are transferable to any pursue, academic or in life. This book is a must-read for students and professionals.

Dr. Richard Sandore (M.D.), Laguna Beach, California RichardSandore.com


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