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Getting good grades is a symbol of achievement, a source of pride and a mark of excellence. For many, it is a ticket to a great college, a lucrative scholarship and a high-paying job. Sadly, most students are not taught how to study biology. No one shows them exactly what to do step-by-step to survive and excel in biology.

I Want to Survive and Excel in Biology. Get Me Started Now!


Dear Busy Student,

If I could make your biology learning easier and help you achieve better grades, would you be interested?

"You are about to discover the secret strategies and a simple system to study Biology like those smart students - Get better grades the easy way!"
Before I go on, I want to compliment you. I congratulate you for making a decision to invest your time in searching for a smart way to learn. There is no better payoff for you than investing in honing your skills of learning that will last your life time. Today - right now, you are already a winner and a success because you have made the decision that successful people make.

I know you have millions of things to do, but you choose to read about what I have to reveal. I will make your time worthwhile, so read on ...

I Was Almost A College Dropout Until I Discovered This!
After graduating from high school as the top student in the entire county, I entered college majoring in biology with full faith that I would be the top gun in college - as I was in high school. Instead I failed one of my courses and was about to flunk another one.

I still recall those early days of my college years - walking down a narrow corridor - between classes - my palms would begin to sweat and my heart would begin to pound, as I was about to take another biology exam.

You know the feeling ... when the adrenalin shoots through your body and you can hear every sound, feel every footstep... You just know something bad is going to happen again. What a nightmare! There were times when I was fueled with frustration to a remarkable degree, other times when I was frantic to the extent of nervous collapse. It became a matter of survival. You see, college was vitally important to me and failure was not an option. It hit me hard and almost forced me drop out of college, until I found something by accident...

It was such a simple system...
While dining out with one of my classmates, he told me that he and two other top students in my class had been using a study method to pass biology courses. After getting a stack of 10-page outlines from him, and I laughed when I saw it. It's so simple - yet it worked! I started adapting the concept, simplified the approach and used it in every biology course I took. The rest is history. I rebuilt my confidence and went on to graduate schools to earn my MS and PhD with a 4.0 GPA.

Going from almost a college dropout to a PhD scientist, there were many factors contributing to my success, but foremost it was that learning system I adopted and perfected later that made the difference in my academic life. Now I want to share with other students who are struggling with biology - thus called the "Biology Survival Guide".

The truth is, learning Biology is totally formulaic; talent really has little to do with it.
I am the living proof of this truth and the Biology Survival Guide shows you how - with a template-based BioMastery System. Once you read this guide, you will understand that by simply following the steps outlined and using the templates provided, you can be on your way to biology mastery.

Why You Can't Afford to Fail Your Biology Class This Time?
Biology might be high up on your list of courses you dislike, too much information and too many terms to memorize. It might also be the roadblock to your academic success. Failing biology is not an option, whether in high school or in college. For most of you, biology is a required class; the grade will be recorded on your final transcript.

Let's face it. If you can't avoid it, embrace it. Find an easy way to survive in this class. The good news is that there is a way out - Biology Survival Kit.

By following the simple system described inside, you can master biology in record time and get the best possible grade as a result. This will make learning biology a snap!

The most important revelation I have for you today is that - what you have been taught by your parents or your professors (work harder and read more) is dead wrong! Work smarter not harder, read effectively not more. This simple system I am about to share with you will enable the easiest learning, in the shortest amount of time.

Eight signs your final grade in Biology is doomed

Have you been feeling uneasy with your biology lately? Is your sixth sense telling you that there is some impending doom related to your final grade? Follow your hunches and watch for these eight signs to determine if you are on the verge of failing the biology course, something that you cannot afford to have it happen. Please "check" all that apply to YOU:

Sign #1 No longer follow the lectures: You are attending every lecture, but you no longer understand what the instructor is trying to deliver. You hear everything, but very little is registered.
Sign #2 Unable to do the homework: You are clueless about how to apply concepts and solve homework problems. You read the problems again and again, but really don't know where to start.
Sign #3 Loss of common sense: Nothing really makes sense to you. You don't have the basic instinct to understand the concepts and relate them to answer homework and exam questions. Where is your sixth sense for biology?
Sign #4 Can't recall what you learned: You have listened to the lectures and read the textbook, but as soon as you were through with them, you could not remember anything. There is no long-term memory on what you learned, or even the short-term memory.
Sign #5 Have problem with the problems: You have difficult time with biology homework and waste too much time.
Sign #6 Can't read the textbook: You get intimidated by the weighty textbook. You even force yourself to read the chapters, nothing is really registered.
Sign #7 Spending too much time in study: You have spent way too much time studying biology but still have trouble getting ahead. Watch everyone else pass by while you are playing catch-up games.
Sign #8 Lack of confidence: If the exam were tomorrow, you would have no confidence at all that you would pass it, not even with an all-nighter. When you hear the announcement about the upcoming biology exam, you panic and you are unsure that you will survive.

If you answered "Yes" to any above, this Biology Survival Kit is for you.


This Biology Survival Kit is designed as the ideal companion for ANY biology textbook. It is the ONLY study guide you ever need to supplement your biology course. Forget about spending hundreds of dollars on all those weighty biology books or guides with contents reshuffled from your textbook.

Also don't spend countless hours on the web looking for solutions. More than likely you will waste your time surfing for something that is not there. Using your current textbook and this Biology Survival Kit is all you need to survive in biology, in a fraction of the time.

Would you ever consider taking a trip across the country without bringing a map?
It is hard enough to find your way to some places with a map. How hard would it be if you tried this adventure without one?

Yet, this is exactly what many students are doing with their biology courses - studying aimlessly without a system. No wonder many feel frustrated with the course and fail miserably at the end. I have seen too many devoted students, after weeks of struggling, watch their grades slip-away or simply just give up - Biology is too hard!

The reason they fail is that they don't pick up a map and follow it! You don't have to end up lost in the biology world. There IS a better and easier way to conquer this subject. Now is your chance to pick up your roadmap to biology...

The Myths and Truths About Studying Biology

These are actual comments from biology students.

"Biology is so darn hard!"
Many of you feel that biology is the most difficult subject. It is the roadblock to your academic success. The truth is that biology could be one of the easiest courses you ever take if you know how to study it. Adapt an effective study system designed for biology - BioMastery.

"I just have to work harder!"
Your parents constantly tell you to work harder. Your professors will tell you that there is no secret in learning biology, just work harder. Wrong! There are little known ways for effective study, yet so few are being used. Knowing them could mean success or failure in your biology class.

"My teacher will show me how!"
Your professor's job is to teach you biology, not to show you how to study it. Don't believe it? Check your textbook or any textbook for that matter, is there a chapter called "How to Study Biology"? Pay attention to the lectures, does your teacher devote any time to teach you the study skills desperately needed?

"The textbooks are written for students!"
Many students don't realize that textbooks are written for the teachers, because they are the ones to decide which textbook to use for a course. Since decision makers are the educators, you bet the publishers cater their products toward them, not you!
Giving kickback is not uncommon - one of those ugly secrets that students are unaware of. Just imagine the home builders make the master bedroom the best room in a house, since the person who makes the purchase decision happens to occupy the master bedroom. What a coincidence!

"I am not good at biology!"
You were once not good at walking too. You have since learned how to walk. Biology is not a natural talent you born with, but it can be learned. However, you can learn the easy way or hard way. Sadly 95% of students go for the later. They use trial-and-error, stumble but finally learn. The easier way is to follow a proven system to learn and a good grade will follow.

"I will figure it out myself, eventually!"
Don't reinvent the wheel. There are many study tactics that have been used by many smart students and proven to be effective. A majority of students who take biology will learn to adapt a better way, eventually. They will waste a lot of time and suffer bad grades along the way.

Biology Survival Guide is the Roadmap to Biology Success
BioMastery is a simple step-by-step system, designed specifically for students taking biology. It has stood the test of time for smart students.

The system has had a profound impact on my career as a chemist and educator. Now it is your turn to reap the benefit of this proven system - your blueprint to ace biology effortlessly. You follow the system and you will make it, it's that simple!

In addition to the simple system, I also reveal over 100 tips and tricks to make your learning a breeze.
Let me illustrate with a few biology examples.

Get the Big Picture
History explains why some features of organisms seem poorly designed. Though the human birth canal is quite "stretchy", babies have ridiculously large heads compared to the width of the birth canal, even when it is maximally stretched.

If an engineer had designed a "baby delivery system", a zipper across the mother's abdomen would have been the way to go. So why the suboptimal solution in reality? In a word - history! Just as we inherited our forward facing eyes, our manipulative hands, and our inquisitiveness about the environment and each other from our primate ancestors, we also inherited that darn birth canal.

Before you are overwhelmed by the myriad detail and the arcane terminology of a complicated, multi-step biological process, SEE THE BIG PICTURE.

First ask why, then ask who-what-where-when (whichever is appropriate) and, only after you have answered these questions, ask how. The "how" question is about the details. Do not jump into the details without answering why and who-what-where-when - otherwise you may get lost.

As a biology student, ask yourself questions. Why am I so attracted to high sugar soft drinks and sweets? The answer may be found in the distant past of human evolutionary history where high energy foods were relatively rare. It is likely that human brains evolved to "tell" their bearers to gorge on high energy foods when available. Now they are common and we are still gorging, obeying our evolutionary imperative.

iPod Biology?
Listening to the tones can help you learn biology? Do you know anything about learning on the go? I will reveal the secret source to turn your iPod into a powerful biology study tool.

The Phases of Mitosis
Nobody passes biology without knowing the phases of mitosis, the process where mother cells divide and produce daughter cells. I think it must be a conspiracy between all the biology instructors across the nation and around the world.

X-phase, Y-phase...it's just too much. But I've come up with a memorable phrase to get mitosis in your memory. My students get a giggle from this mnemonic.


I Pee More After Tea

Interphase Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase

You will not forget this one. There are many like this in the Guide.

How About "Poker Biology"?
"You mean to say playing poker is part of your learning trick?" Yes, I will show you a system that turns a deck of poker cards into an incredible study aid.

Purines and Pyrimidines
Remember those rungs on the DNA ladder from the previous page? They are the nucleotides and can be classified as one of two types; either purines or pyrimidines. There are 5 important nucleotides, adenine, thymine, guanine, cytosine, and uracil. How to remember which is a purine and which is a pyrimidine?

Try these memorable phrases/words:


Pure As Gold

Purines are Adenine and Guanine



Pyrimidines are Cytosine, Uracil, and Thymine


Want to Know the Exam Questions The Night Before The Final?
I can show you how you can systematically create a mock exam so that you can take the real one with complete confidence. I will also reveal the top 10 ways to predict exam questions.

Who Should Use this Kit?

By now, you should have the answer! Are you a top student? Are you confident when you go into a test? Do you have a strong memory? Do you feel good about yourself and your future? If you hesitate to answer "yes" to any of these questions, this Kit is for you. I created it for anyone who is ready to learn a step-by-step recipe for success.

Who Can Get Good Grades?
You can! If you apply what you learn in these pages, you can get better grades. The more you apply these techniques, the more your grades will improve. You don't have to be a genius. You don't have to love school. You don't have to be the teacher's favorite student. You just need to follow a few simple instructions.

What Are the Secrets of Getting Better Grades?

The first secret of getting better grades is to have a system. The best system is the one that tells you what to do every step of the way. That is what this Guide will show you. Think of it as a toolkit for building better learning habits.

Each chapter shows you step-by-step how to use the tools to make studying easier and get better results. Your task is to use the tools to make schoolwork less boring and more rewarding.

The more you use these tools, the more you will build essential skills for tackling challenges of all kinds.

Do These Secrets Actually Work?
Every technique in this Guide has been tried and tested in just about every type of biology class. The system I am introducing here is the one that smart students have been using one way or the other to master biology and ace the course. The author has tried every technique in this Guide and again and again has proven they work magically.

The only way to know whether the system will work for you is to try it. Only then will you see the results. You'll see how easy it can be to study, learn, and earn good grades.

Will I Be Able to Understand This System?
I make sure you do, by breaking up each technique into simple steps. Every step comes with worksheet templates so you can follow through easily.

Is this Guide Another Textbook?
Biology Survival Guide is a simple study system - practical, time-tested and no-nonsense. It's a roadmap to biology mastery. It's your plan of action filled with techniques, strategies and tips specifically for biology.

Is There A Similar Book Like This?
None! You can surf the web or search amazon.com. I have done my homework, so don't waste your time. There is not a single book like this one - A study system created for biology students, with step-by-step instructions and easy templates to follow.
Let me explain what it is NOT:

It is NOT another textbook or rehash of the same content over again.
It is NOT a generic guide book for study skills that are mostly irrelevant for biology.
It is NOT a solution guide for countless problems.
It is NOT another reference book that you have to regurgitate an that requires additional study time that you don't have.

Exclusive Bonus
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The whole package of "Biology Survival Kit" comes with my "Biology Survival Guide" and a number of must-have biology survival gear.

But, in addition to the main manual, you'll also receive a very special, EXCLUSIVE bonus when you order today...

How to Use Your Mind for Study
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The mind is very powerful. Knowing how to use it could optimize your study in a big way. This book introduces study skills from a different perspective. Dr. Kitson reveals his timeless wisdoms on various topics: Brain action during study; formation of study habits, active imagination, memory aids, concentration of attention, reasoning, expression, bodily conditions and a number of study skills. You will discover how to increase efficiency and gain greater productivity with less stress, greater confidence, more energy and more leisure time. After all, high school and college are not just about textbooks.

From the physiological, psychological and neurological aspects, this book is an excellent compliment to Dr. Wayne's Biology Survival Guide, where its primary focus is the subject of how to study biology from a chemist's point of view. This bonus alone is worth the price of the Biology Survival Kit™.
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If you read this far, I know that you are really serious about learning more and getting better grades. The techniques you learn from this Kit can apply other classes you are taking now and to the future. This is a one-time small investment to pave an easy way to your academic success. So give yourself a competitive edge and order the Kit now!

Let me ask you this...

Are you at lost with biology and desperately need help in learning how to study biology effectively and efficiently?
Do you want to improve your grade with less study time, not more?
Are you frightened of taking Biology exams?
Are you tired of the mind-numbing reading that does not get you anywhere?
Do you have a difficult time with biology homework and waste too much time?
Are you a student of B's, but you want to get A's in half the time?

If you answer "Yes" to ANY of these questions, Biology Survival Kit"! is here to rescue you.

I've got the system, all you need to plug in is YOU!

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I Want to Succeed in Biology. Get Me Started Now!

Remember the decision you make today will ensure your academic success tomorrow.
Committed to Your Success,

"The Survival Coach"

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